Monarch Academy

Dustin uses the iPad at the café in Borders Books.

This unique day program for young adults with disabilities uses the community as a classroom.

Monarch Academy is designed for those who are eager to learn, enjoy an active schedule and a wide variety of social interaction with peers. It fosters the development of a wide range of meaningful skills that facilitate social relationships,  self-esteem, employment, and recreation.

Two program locations are available in Naperville or Burr Ridge at the Hanson Center’s Gutzmer Building.

Tom uses the touch screen computer to look up the train schedule.

“Monarch Academy is a place where I’ve learned life skills, problem solving, how important it is to give back to our community, and how to be a good friend.” –Tom D.

Tom and Sam play with Kylie at the West Suburban Humane Society.

“When I first came to Monarch Academy, I was shy and nervous. Now, I’ve made new friends and have learned a lot about myself.” –Sam R.


Adam and Dustin work together to make lunch during a cooking class. Weekly duties include grocery shopping and making lunch at least once.

“I like volunteering in our community. It makes me feel good to help others.  I really like volunteering at West Suburban Humane Society.” –Liz O.

“I’ve enjoyed learning how to make different kinds of food in cooking class.” –Adam

“I like going to different places in my community.” –Tom

Adam and Sam make sure they have the right size can of soup for a recipe.

Adam uses brushes and sponges to paint a picture that is similar to one he saw at the Museum of Contemporary Art.


“We use really cool and amazing technology in our classroom and in the community. We use the iPad when we are in the community to update our Facebook page. We use our touch screen computer to look up recipes for cooking class. We also have cameras that we use to take pictures when we are out and about.” –Sam R.

“We volunteer in our community at least once a week.” –Dustin M.






Kim Zoeller, President & CEO of RGA, and Chris Michalski, Naperville Market President from BMO Bank, sit down with Liz Spencer from Naperville Community Televistion 17 on Business Connection!

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