Message from the President

The dictionary defines achievement as “something accomplished by special effort.”

For the children and adults with developmental disabilities that the Ray Graham Association supports, we see all kinds of achievements each and every day.

These accomplishments take many forms for people. For some it’s getting their first job. For others it is making a new friend or giving back to their community through volunteerism. Or it’s living in their own apartment for the first time in their lives.

All people define achievements in their own terms.

But we can’t talk about accomplishments for someone with a disability, such as cerebral palsy, autism or Down syndrome, without acknowledging the fact that your support is one of the reasons advances like these can be reached.

People like you who donate to Ray Graham Association do so because they want to be part of something important, part of a life-changing mission. You believe, as we do, that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can forge ahead and make real progress and achieve important life goals and dreams.

And for this kind of support I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your partnership carries immense significance for me. Every day, as I see the children and adults we support and serve achieve and grow, I am all the more grateful for your generosity.

With your gift today, together we can empower even more people with disabilities. Thank you for your support.


Kim Zoeller
President and CEO

P.S. I also want you to know that eighty-eight cents of every dollar you donate to Ray Graham Association goes directly toward the services we provide. We allocate only 12% of our budget to overhead. Not only are we good stewards of your financial gifts, we are also nationally recognized leaders and innovative pioneers in our field. The trust you place in us through your gift of support today will be working hard for those we serve, tomorrow.

Ray Graham Association is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.

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