Corporate Champions


Vision:  Providing opportunities for partnerships that are mutually beneficial for a corporation/business and Ray Graham Association in the local community in which they exist.

Corporate Champions help people with disabilities reach, grow and achieve. They motivate others.  They are role models for Corporate America.

  • As a Corporation Champion your company will receive and benefit from:
    • advertisement and public promotion of the partnership thru traditional media, social media and RGA website & newsletter
    • tangible outcomes to share with their constituents and employees
    • real-life stories and stats of people who have been helped via the partnership to leverage in their own advertising/marketing.
    • personalized forms of recognition that can be publically displayed
    • membership in a group of like-minded business leaders where they can network with other RGA partners
    • recognition at least once a year in a special meeting
    • RGA logo and Corporate Champions logos to use in their publications and in their social media
  • RGA will receive:
    • annual funding via grants, donations, sponsorships and support of events and special projects
    • opportunities to build relationships with key business leaders who will also help introduce us to others who might want to be Corporate Champions
    • opportunities to grow the Corporate Champions network with the help of Board members, trustees, RGA families and special friends of RGA