Partners for the Solution

Ray Graham Association can trace its founding to the grassroots efforts of a few families more than 60 years ago. Advocacy, or speaking up for those who can’t speak up for themselves, is in our DNA, it lies at the heart of our mission, our purpose and our programs. Seeking creative solutions to make continued advancements on behalf of people with disabilities will always be our top priority.

Partners for the Solution is our long-term endeavor to become the voice of change. Partners for the Solution is a growing group of advocates and other community groups and members that mutually work together.  It is also an online community of families and friends of the intellectually and developmentally disabled seeking to promote public awareness, advocate for equality and shape and change public policy.

We are all partners working together to find solutions.

Speaking up and advocating for the intellectually and developmentally disabled has never been more critical in today’s environment of ever-shrinking social services funding at the state and federal level.

Here are some facts you should know

Those who suffer the most due to these continuous, draconian cutbacks are those who can do the least about it — children and adults with disabilities.

We can not stand by. We must stand up.

And we need you stand with us and become a partner for a solution

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