Monarch Living

Monarch Living participants enjoying their community!

Monarch Living is a one-of-a-kind residential program that provides housing and support services to eight young adults with mild developmental disabilities. The program offers a unique and exciting opportunity to live in a supported apartment setting and receive community-based training designed to enhance skills needed to live independently in the community. The Monarch Living Program features customized skill development plans, training and support provided by professional life coaches. Each month, participants engage in focused life skill training sessions such as “Getting to Know My Community,” “Healthy Lifestyle,” and “Gaining Financial Independence.”  While in the Monarch Living program, participants are supported to work within their communities and attend college courses.  Monarch Living staff assist all participants to live an eventful, fun-filled lifestyle.

Monarch Living Services are provided in a 4-unit apartment building conveniently located in downtown Elmhurst; housing is near public transportation, shopping, and Elmhurst College.

This innovative program is open to men and women and operates year round. Participants enroll for a year-long term.  In the past five years, Monarch Living has had 10 graduates move on to live in their own apartments with minimal to no assistance from life coaches.  Monarch Living offers more than day-to-day activities but rather prepares each person for a future in which they can be independent and provide for themselves.

Monarch Living provides life coaching to teach the skills necessary for people to live on their own.

 “I can learn to live on my own and be more independent and learn how to have my own apartment, instead of always asking how to do this or how to do that.” – Mike, Monarch Living Participant

“It feels great living here! Even though my parents are close by, I still get the sense that I want to learn this on my own and I can ask for extra help if I need it.’  - Doug, Monarch Living Participant


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